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       On August 20, 1964, INTELSAT (International Telecommunications Satellite Organization) was established in Washington, D.C., USA. To manage and operate international telecommunication services provided by satellites, Thailand officially applied to be a member of INTELSAT in May 1966 and became the 49th member. 

       On April 12, 1967, the Post and Telegraph Department (at that time) signed an employment, construction contract of Thailand's first Ground Telecommunications Station via satellite with  the General Telephone and Electronics International Incorporated at Thungsukla Sub-district, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province. Which became a Siracha Satellite Station and is still in operation today. The Siracha Satellite Station is located at 13/1 Moo 9, Thungsukla Sub-district, Sriracha District, Chonburi Province. Latitude 13.62 degrees north, Longitude 100.56 degrees east, encompasses an area of approximately 1,000 Rai (1 Rai = 1,600 square meters) and approximately 125 kilometers from Bangkok.

       In 1983, Thailand began to introduce satellite communication systems for domestic use for the first time. Starting from providing the television  broadcasting services to Channel 3 television station and Channel 9 television MCOT station, as a result, Thai domestic telecommunication system became a more widespread and efficient communication network.

       In the year 1995, The Communications Authority of Thailand (At that time) provided live television broadcasting services for the 18th SEA Games in Chiang Mai Province by using a Satellite News Gathering (SNG) broadcasting live at the competition area. This was the first time in Thailand that signal transmission was outside a satellite station.

          In 1998, the Nonthaburi Satellite Station was constructed at 53 Moo 8, Tiwanon Road, Bang Kraso Sub-district, Muang District, Nonthaburi Province. Latitude 13.52 degrees north Longitude 100.30 degrees east, encompasses an area of approximately 10 Rai (1 Rai = 1,600 square meters). To support high-speed data and television  broadcasting services via the satellite that has orbited over the Indian Ocean. The first digital television broadcasting service was launched in December 1998 for the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok. To transmit the television signals to more than 20 countries in the Asian region who competed in the Asian Games.

         In the year 2000, construction of the Sirindhorn satellite station was constructed. Located at 999 Moo 13, Khan Rai Subdistrict, Sirindhorn District, Ubon Ratchathani Province, Latitude 15.19 degrees north Longitude 105.36 degrees East, encompasses an area of approximately 261 Rai (1 Rai = 1,600 square meters). To expand a contact with Latin America and the Pacific Islands along with strengthening the capability and readiness of Thailand to be the telecommunication center in Southeast Asia.

          CAT Telecom Public Company Limited or CAT has long been a leader in satellite communications systems in Southeast Asia with readiness of expert personnel and 3 Satellite Gateway which support both domestic and international satellite communication services at full capacity. Under the name of CAT Satcom: Global Connectivity.

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